Transfer of credit is limited to 3 times per day

How to start playing?

Go to the products page, select a casino. Click on the download button, download the game and start playing!

How to make deposit?

Deposit can be made to our Company's bank account through online transfer, cash deposit or ATM transfer. After deposit, submit a deposit form via our website or contact customer service. Go to "Deposit", key in the bank in details (Date, Time, Bank, Amount, Method) & submit to us. Once we receive your deposit form we will add credit to your game's account.

How to withdraw my money?

Submit a withdrawal form to our customer service. Once we receive your withdrawal form, we will online transfer the money to your registered bank account with us.

What if I already banked in, but still no credit in game?

If you already bank in , the credit will not be added automatically to your game's account. You must submit a deposit form after bank in. If you already submitted the form but still no credit in your game's account after 5 minutes, then please contact our Customer Service.

Why my deposit is rejected?

The deposit form will be rejected if you do not make any deposit &/or fill in the wrong bank in details (Date, Time, Bank, Amount, Method) . Please contact Customer Service for more details.

Why my withdrawal is rejected?

There are 2 reasons for failure of withdrawal.

1. Game account balance is not sufficient.

2. Rollover requirement is not met for the selected bonus.

What is rollover?

Rollover is your total wager/bet in each game no matter the game is win or lose. Example : 1st game bet RM 50 in live slot you get 50 rollover, 2nd game you bet RM70 in live roulette, your get 100 rollover. Your total rollover in the 2 games is 120.